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void Operations::mesh_callback (  )  [slot]

Callback for mesh menu. Shows dialog for plot of three-dimensional surface.

Definition at line 1325 of file operations.cpp.

References compex_comand().

      QStringList parameters_labels;
      parameters_labels << "x" << "y" << "z";
      QStringList parameters;
      parameters << "" << "" << "";
      QStringList output_labels;
      QStringList output;
      QString help(
                  "Plot a mesh given matrices x, and y from meshdom and a matrix z corresponding to the x and y coordinates of the mesh. If x and y are vectors, then a typical vertex is (x(j), y(i), z(i,j)). Thus, columns of z correspond to different x values and rows of z correspond to different y values."
      compex_comand("Plot of the three-dimensional", "mesh", parameters_labels, parameters, output_labels, output,help,false,true);

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